CrossFit Coalesce

What We Are About

Our unique space in the heart of East Northport, has an always welcoming energy. Here we achieve our life and fitness goals together. We opened our doors in 2016 and continue to be a thriving community of positive and willing people. Our expert coaching staff at CrossFit Coalesce put their whole hearts into guiding our members through their transformations. Everyday we work and improve. You can feel the support in every class you take. We want to help you start and continue your fitness transformation.

Try It For Yourself!



With constant variety of movements in each workout, you will never be bored. Lifting, running, rowing, pushing, pulling, and jumping. Beginners and beyond are challenged while having the most fun ever while working out. Seeing visible improvements in your strength and abilities is worth every workout.


Your Goals are unique. Functional Fitness is about making sure your body is ready to do what you want it to do. Whether being able to do everyday activities without pain or running a marathon, we’ll meet you where you are and guide you, step by step to that destination.


Our coaches understand that coaching isn’t just knowing how to explain the movements in a workout. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve their individual fitness goals. Formulating a plan that works for you is our specialty. We offer a variety of programs to choose from.